Imagine a compact sensory room that takes less space, is affordable, quick to install, mobile, and provides each user with high-quality, comprehensive, and individually tailored sensory input

Sensory Castle


SENcastle, developed in collaboration with special education teachers and sensory integration therapists, is a unique multimodal sensory device that connects a child's sensory needs with assistive technology.

It is a dedicated space for relaxation and stimulating children's senses across various environments. By providing controlled input for five sensory systems - auditory, visual, tactile, proprioceptive, and vestibular, SENcastle ensures comprehensive sensory engagement.

Sensory Systems

The design is universal; it can adapt to any space and function as a standalone unit. The device employs carefully selected elements with specific sensory functions to deliver the necessary sensory input in everyday activities.


SENcastle is a compact sensory room with high-quality materials and a spacious interior with a light column controlling visual and auditory elements.


SENcastle delivers a unique and comprehensive sensory experience thanks to a carefully designed usage approach that provides maximum safety and satisfaction for children and professionals.


Equipped with thematic sensory cards that activate various sensory scenes tailored to children's needs and interests, further enriched by sensorial diverse cushions.


In addition to playing predesigned sensory scenes, SENcastle also offers the unique option of recording custom messages.



SENcastle boasts an array of unique features tailored to enhance sensory experiences. Its spacious interior comes with adjustable light control, ensuring a comfortable environment. The centerpiece is a central column that offers color-changing capabilities. The base contains user-friendly buttons for easy operation. Additionally, SENcastle includes 42 sensory cards, providing 210 distinct sensory scenes. You can also complement it with six sensory cushions to enrich the experience further.

Sensory Cards

Each card contains 5 sensory scenes that cover different themes. Cards include the following subjects:

Relaxation and Stimulation

Children often require sensory input that will stimulate or calm their sensory systems. This customized type of input is facilitated by the use of sensory scenes within these 6 cards.

Time Orientation

This group consists of 3 cards that facilitate an easier understanding of concepts related to time orientation.

Educational Content

A set of 12 cards covers areas such as animals, modes of transportation, and musical instruments, facilitating their adoption in a fun way.


We created this card to help children recognize but also name their own and others' emotions more easily.

Interactive Cards

This set includes 7 interactive SENcastle cards that allow recording sets of messages and active user participation, promoting better concentration and understanding of cause-and-effect relationships.

Tactile Cushion House

Auditory Cushion

Vibrating Cushion

Weighted Cushion

Abstract Tactile Cushion

Multi-sensory Cushion


Who is SENcastle for?

SENcastle is primarily intended for children aged 3 to 18 years, but it can also be used by adults.
Given its characteristics, it is intended for the following groups:

  • children with sensory integration difficulties
  • children with autism spectrum disorders
  • children with ADD and ADHD
  • children with intellectual disabilities
  • children with various motor difficulties
  • children with multiple disabilities
  • children with rare genetic diseases
  • children with speech-language difficulties
  • children with learning difficulties
  • people with mental health difficulties
  • and anyone who needs a calming and relaxation zone with a controlled amount of sensory input

Unique sensory environment is perfect for

  • kindergartens
  • schools
  • rehabilitation centers
  • healthcare homes
  • hospitals
  • specialized clinics
  • associations
  • family houses or apartments
  • shopping centers
  • airports
Kid and city

What do experts say about SENcastle?



Reviews of experts who have used SENcastle:

"As a special education teacher who runs sensory integration activities, I see numerous advantages of using SENcastle. First and foremost, its multiple options cover users' needs with a wide range of sensory needs and can tailor it to individual needs. A major advantage is that users are very motivated to use the tent, and with its use, we have expanded communication, sustained attention for longer, and adopted functional behavior patterns. It is spacious and comfortable, and the sensory cushions enhance the experience."

"Working with children in the SENcastle, besides being extremely stimulating, the SENcastle is visually appealing and easy to use. From experience, I can confirm that children love spending time in it. It calms them and arouses their curiosity. I often hear: "I want to go into that big castle."

Explore the magical world of SENcastle

About this EU project


Commercialisation of the innovative product SENcastle

The European Union co-founded the project through the European Regional Development Fund.

Project title:
Commercialization of the Innovative Product SENcastle

Beneficiary Name:
E-GLAS d.o.o.

Project Brief:
E-GLAS Ltd., based in Rijeka, has signed a grant agreement with the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship, and Crafts to implement the project titled "Commercialization of the Innovative Product SENcastle."
The European Regional Development Fund funded the project implementation under the Call "Innovations in S3 Areas," reference number This project's implementation will enable the company to enhance its competitiveness in the market and achieve overall growth and development. As part of the project, the company will innovate its business organization and processes to establish the production and commercialization of the innovative product SENcastle. The project includes introducing a business function for manufacturing the physical product SENcastle and selecting a logistics function encompassing existing procurement and merchandise dispatch. The project will also acquire equipment and software necessary for innovating the company's business organization and processes. All these efforts will allow the company to produce and introduce SENcastle to the market using its resources.

Project Objective:
This project aims to establish the production and commercialization of the innovative product SENcastle through the innovation of business organization and processes of E-GLAS Ltd.

Expected Project Results:

  • All the activities within this project were executed in a timely manner
  • The new innovative SENcastle product was introduced to the market
  • Growth in the number of employees by two persons in 2023 (as regards to 2018)
  • Increase in sales revenues by 1.000.000 HRK in 2023 (as regards to 2018)
  • The project was presented to the community and to the clients.

  • TOTAL PROJECT VALUE: 2.059.271,31 HRK
  • EU PROJECT GRANT: 1.128.531,46 HRK
  • PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION PERIOD: June 10, 2020 – June 10, 2022


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E - GLAS d.o.o. supports and promotes gender equality, equal opportunities and non-discrimination in every aspect, as well as the accessibility to the persons with disabilities. We thereby state that all the existent and future posts in our organisation are intended equally for all the genders, minorities, and to the healthy persons, as well as to the persons with (physical) disabilities who are capable of performing the tasks for certain posts. Our hiring criteria primarily include expertise, competency, and willingness to learn.

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